Digital Signage

Corporate television usage

Every day a company’s personnel steadily process a considerable volume of information mostly on paper. Textual document cannot reproduce the importance and the urgency as well other details of the written text. It is not that easy to deal with priorities in paper mass. The difficulty is in the location of different departments in many buildings, changing employees, the human mistake factor, the loss of documents etc.

Corporate TV based on Digital Signage system is a type of corporate mass media that develops the methods of efficient communication arrangement among personnel, management and company’s departments.

Corporate television is a first choice for as employees so organization’s management.

Company’s television do not affect the growth of profit, but such information recourses not only unite the personnel and rally the troops but also cut time expenses and increases the effectiveness of work efforts. As a result, financial standing of a company is positively influenced.

Corporate Media based on Digital Signage system display test information, content, video materials, use interactive resources combining them in different ways.

Moreover, the multimedia content may be used from a long-distance, played out in meetings, workshops, offices, canteens, recreation areas and other places. Eye catching information surely takes effect on guests. In terms of technical organization of a company’s television of Digital Signage system provides hardware and monitors for office and workshop assembly units. The best devices are liquid crystal displays. The materials are going to be played out by the program player plugged to the net. The program player connection through the internet is necessary in the communication of several offices. 

There is no live streaming in Corporate TV of Digital Signage system, materials are added to the player at the certain moment which gives an opportunity to use the net more efficient and update the content at the most suitable time, at night , for instance. If the urgent update is needed, only necessary content is uploaded.

Corporate TV of Digital Signage system is needed a tool to better a company’s business and form a favorable atmosphere in a company. It is suitable for businesses of various types of activities.