Digital Signage

Digital Signage Systems

The advertising pushes the business forward and nowadays our world is filled with it. Indeed, what are other ways to tell the customers about a new service, to make a brand inviting and increase a company awareness? Graphic advertising is not enough. Today marketing experts can use modern technologies, the so-called Digital Signage, and apply them where huge masses of people gather. This is a technological and well-known system for accomplishment of information and marketing challenges.

What is the reason for such a popularity of the Digital Signage Hardware?

Digital Signage Hardware is efficient in just as waiting areas so shopping centres, office premises, educational institutions and traffic areas like streets, large squares stations and airports.

Digital Signage Systems are divided into shopping centre and boutique monitors, digital menus for dining places, touch-sensitive terminals for shopping centres, electronic frames, televisions for corporate channels, videowalls and outdoor advertising banners.

Digital Signage constructions are the most suitable for you!

At the present day such systems are at their usability top, because Digital Signage is an opportunity to find target customers, draw the attention and create warm attitude towards a brand.

DigiSky Company provides services for holding consultations, arranging events, selecting hardware, assembling and installing systems, assisting in content creation and auditing of activity of Digital Signage system.

The key advantage of Digital Signage systems

The images can be easily and quickly displayed on all the screens with the help of the only PC. The image change is performed instantly even if the hardware in located indifferent regions. There is no more need in paying companies for producing posters and distributing them in different areas. The customer is several mouse clicks away from your message!