Digital Signage

Digital signboards based on Digital Signage System

Projection equipment and displays installed in crowded areas, such as airports, stations, health centres, public transport, sport clubs and pedestrian areas in streets serve as digital media for advertising data transfer.

The main task of a digital system is the efficient distribution of information contents and advertisements for their further addressing to the customers at the certain time and place.

Media player with the necessary software is the main device in the system. A PC is used for creating and networking. The media device (a media player with microprocessor, memory cards and a range of interface units) is heavily tasked since a digital board and screens may also be connected to it. It has to meet strict requirements for its reliability, operating characteristics and its working lifespan.

Usually liquid crystal monitors, plasma-panel screens, LED signboards, projection devices and others are used to display informational contents.

Primary features appearing during the use of Digital Signage System

  • Increasing effect of displaying advertisements since it is dedicated to a certain time and customers’ needs as well as company’s tasks, for instance, the presentation of special offers, remains of market products, promos and many others. It all results in the sale growth.
  • No need to apply for printing offices and advertising companies. An Advertizing campaign now may be started out within several minutes. There is an opportunity to change the contents of the advertisement. 
  • The lack of expense for manufacturing leaflets, booklets, voting papers and other printing products as long as digital samples can be multiply used in delivering fresh advertising materials.
  • There is an opportunity for lending the displays for partners and vendors. A customer can find out on monitors more of the information needed by themselves while personnel pay attention to other client.