Digital Signage

Indoor TV is a fresh solution in advertising

Installation of Indoor TV systems lets you successfully use television broadcasting and advertizing materials  at places of goods supply. DSmart organization will keep you up with the modern technologies and let you combine both the advertisement and the television. The system includes the computer and information displaying equipment which is presented with liquid crystal display, plasma panel and projection device.

Nowadays modern technologies let advantageously display the dynamic content. It attracts customers and creates a well-respected business. Dynamic content looks more interesting if it doesn’t irritate customers and draws more attention to the information shown on monitors or other devices.

The majority of leading companies have this Indoor TV system in service. The opportunities for providing advertisement are constantly developing and that allows organizations offer their products better. Cutting –edge technologies are implemented more efficient in modern life therefore DSmart Company tries not to fall behind in current trends.

Efficiency of advertisements in Indoor TV provides unique opportunities in promotional content marketing. As scientifically proved, such material encourages  the sale growth , holds customers longer in a retail space, makes a product popular. It enhances the likelihood of the second purchase and makes customers advanced.

Benefits of Indoor TV system usage

On-screen advertisements are the most dynamically developing types of advertising. Primary characteristics of this type of advertisements:

  • Forming of a client’s preferences and proclivity to the purchase;
  • Providing information on promos and special offers;
  • Audio and video effectiveness;
  • Influence on customers in accordance with target groups;
  • Modern technologies.

Indoor TV system is widely used in shopping centres, travel agencies educational institutions, channels of cable television, medical centres. There is more to come since the advertising sets a firm, long time presence in our lives.

Our company has a great experience in assembling and setting Indoor TV systems in our country and provides a wide range of services. Our specialists are glad to help you at any time, answer any questions and consider an individual project.

Contact us and we will give you all details on what is needed to implement the following decisions.