Digital Signage

Installation of Indoor TV and Digital Signage Systems

The purpose of Indoor TV Advising system

Indoor TV Hardware Net in supermarkets and pharmacies is designated for profit-making with demonstrating of advertisements, support of product demand and informing clients on developments and campaigns. Indoor TV Net and Digital Signage System also give an opportunity to broadcast the business operation at government facilities and enterprises.

The placement of Indoor TV boards

Before designing the communication lines of Indoor TV it is necessary to identify the places with the highest rate of customer flow. The most efficient way for shops is to install boards on display shelves and along the passages. It is unproductive to install monitors by a checkout stand since a customer has already made a purchase and is hardly going to get back to the shop floor.

What monitor is better: liquid crystal or plasma-panel one?

The size is the one of the basic parameters for monitors. Talking about characteristics for the playback quality liquid crystal monitors give way to plasma-panel ones. The brightness is an important parameter when developing Indoor TV systems. Pixel response in plasma samples is in a fraction of a millisecond yet in LCD- panels may be up to several milliseconds. Liquid crystal monitors are better in color production than plasma panels. The demonstration of too bright pictures results in burning out of Luminophore inside of plasma panels while using it. Liquid crystal screens are notorious for broken pixels. At the same time, plasma-panel monitors consume twice as much energy.

Uploading of new information

A dispatch staff is the one who performs the updating of information in computer hardware or self-contained players, rerecords the video to HDD or changes memory cards in players.

System control

The system control is performed with the specialized software installed in a player and designed for the system controlling computer work. This very software allows assigning the time of the introduction of advertising materials, carrying out the auto update and drawing reports to the controlling PC.

Number and types of zones on Indoor TV screens

Combining of different forms of information on monitors allows sending message to the customers more efficiently. A text in a shape of banner or picture is often located in the right side of a monitor. A video tape is in the left side. The dynamic representation of information on a screen attracts clients and let consider Indoor TV system very productive.