Digital Signage


Videowalls are huge monitors broadcasting a one united picture, as a rule. Several monitors are used in a videowall assembling. A large amount of monitors are required for a large size video construction. Each monitor is an independent device. Steady operation of monitors is provided with controllers or special software. Controllers also give an opportunity to display several small-sized video windows on one screen. There are monitors with the build-in controllers for easier videowall usage.

A microcontroller can also be named a controller. It is installed in the separate unit and equipped with special video-processor for a videowall. There is a whole range of special devices in the operating system that serve as controllers to coordinate work between videowall and inner room system.

It is important to note that the width between monitors is now influential to the promotion of the videowall systems. Some video devices are framed with screen cases. As a result, this frame will affect image perception if such devices are used in videowall assembling. More than that, if a video construction is constantly looked at wide bound seams will split a whole picture into pieces and create the distortion for customers. That’s why manufacturers started producing screens without frames.

Using of videowalls in different types of activities

In reality, videowalls are widely used in:

  • Dispatching devices in oil, gas and electric-power spheres;
  • Video devices in incident response centres and Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • In State and Administrative Offices;
  • Railway stations, bus stations and airports;
  • Cafes, restaurants, planetariums, concert halls;
  • Studios and TV Channels;
  • Shops;
  • Streets for other purposes.

In compliance with the type of facility installed video devices vary in structure according to technical and functional specifications.

Video construction may be assembled from different types of hardware and consist of both plasma screens and projection displays. Specialized video constructions for airports, for instance, may be equipped with other types of image display devices such as timetable boards, running letters etc.