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Audiomarketing for TATNEFT gas stations

Start of the project:  December 2013 

Client:  Tatneft gas stations (500+ stations in Russian Federation and CIS area).

Brand positioning: professional service, plenty of supplementary services for auto and drivers, stable high-quality of fuel.

The problem and the solution: large-scale project including Tatneft gas stations rebranding, format change and clients' quality service orientation; brand new gas station launch; improved consupmtion experience; an accent on services quality improvement; average bill increase in gas station store. 

The path to solution: creation of comfortable and relaxed shopping atmosphere considering daytime and traffic volume, stimulation of of an average bill increase with the help of background music. 

3 phases of implementation:

Phase 1: Target audience study, traffic increase and decrease in accordance to daytime and weekday study considering Saturday peak of customers' activity and daily peaks from 9:00 to 11:00 and from 19:00 to 21:00.

Phase 2: Creation of a new music format with a combination of dynamic pop-cover and soft lounge, full-scale harmonization considering target client profile and founded attendance intervals. 24'hours playlist with monthly renewal creation. All the license coverages and payments were taken care of by our side. 

Phase 3:  Installation of a public adress system (seven indoor units and three outdoor untis), and Market Player solution. All the mounting took 2 days. Outdoor untis were used for attraction of new customers and empowering open areas clients' emotional involvement. Thus the brand contact duration was increased by 2.5-4 minutes. 

Customer feedback

«We're eager to create the most comfortable atmosphere on our stations and make fuelling process as pleasant as possible so we paid special attention to background music. We implemented a new formam of audiomarketing technology according to the highest customers' demands to the service level. The feedback from customers regarding fuelling, store and cafe visits is very positive, and our employees agree.Market Music installed the whole system in a very short period of time and now we're carefully studiyng the results of our project.»

Alexander Senyukov

(Head of supplementary service department

«Tatneft-GS-West» LLC)