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Audiomarketing for Topshop/Topman stores

Beginning of successful cooperation: February 2015

Customer: a group of companies that manages the following brands in Russia and the CIS: Armani Jeans, Calvin Klein, Mexx, Michael Kors, Topshop, Topman etc. 200+ stores across Russia and the CIS.

Tasks at hand:

To expand the customer experience, emphasize significant improvements in the quality of service, bring the brands to life through music, increase the average check in stores, convert more shoppers into loyal customers. Solution: create a comfortable atmosphere for customers according to the target audience for each brand; express the auditory component of each brand through audio marketing.

Stages of implementation:

  1. Audio design audit – analysis of the target audience on the basis of data provided by the Customer, study of brand-books, guidelines and concepts of the franchisees, measurement of intervals of shopper visits (time-of-day and day-of-week profiles).
    Features. The audio design considers both the differences and the similarities of target audiences of the brands. Differences between the Customer's existing audience and target audience.
  2. Development of the musical format
    Features. The combination of dynamic nu disco, nu jazz, deep house, and chillout music has been optimized by brand, profile of the target audience and intervals of shopper visits.
    We offer a 12-hour format of broadcast music and 100% monthly content update. We use the top licensed musical content, which requires payments to the Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) and the All-Russian Intellectual Property Organization (VOIS).
  3. A complete, automated solution
    Installation and setup of Market Player software and hardware solutions.


  1. Unequivocal differentiation of the brands and their audio brand-books. Uniform style for each brand throughout Russia and the CIS.
  2. Increased average check for several brands (up to 5%). For other brands, the musical concept has been optimized, and we are now collecting and analyzing data.