Visitors counter

Counting visitors of a shop and of a shopping centre

The systems of visitor counting provide shopping space owners with the authentic data on the volume of the customer traffic over a certain period of time as well as detailed reports on the amount of unique and returning customers. This all is important for the evaluation of the marketing strategy. The benefit of the counting system with “computer vision” technology is the lack of need for the additional technical equipment. Resident cameras installed around shopping area and software unit performing the biometrical and quantitative analysis of a received image in real-time mode are enough without additional human recourses.

What the visitor counting system in a shop is needed for

  • Performance management of staff work ( for instance, metering the number of people waiting in a line) and the creating of a well-thought-out timetable in consideration of the customer traffic volume at the certain period of time based on gathered statistics;
  • Efficiency analysis of a goods outlay and the revealing of “dead zones” that are rarely visited by customers;
  • On-time goods delivery arrangement at days of the peak demand and reduction of the outlay at days of buying activity decay;
  • Scheduling of work-related arrangements and technical works, making out the preferable cleaning timetable and a schedule for processing of  home manufacture production;
  • Efficiency analysis of marketing events and advertising campaigns;
  • Many other tasks that are able to improve a shop work and minimize the expenses as much as possible;

Benefits of the “computer vision” system by Market Music

  • Precision of evaluation is 98%;
  • Tuning agility and the opportunity to set up program parameters according to various problems;
  • Integration capability with other systems (like Digital Signage System and the piped music)
  • Face recognition against the attempt to hide it ;
  • Failures and vandalism protection;
  • Integrated automation of all the processes;
  • Available price (about 10 times smaller than alternatives).