Visitors counter

The visitor counting program as a marketing tool

The visitor counting program is a total solution for gathering information about audience, keeping records of visitors, creating their biometrical profile and complication of the data in autonomous mode. The system gets connected to the surveillance cameras and because of its smart algorithm automatically collects, registers and catalogues the data according to the given parameters.

Opportunities of the visitor counting program

Video analytics is capable of not only estimating the biometrical indicators of visitors but also collecting and processing visitors’ data priceless for marketing strategy. The system registers the sex, age and ethnicity of customers, their general number, the amount of new customers and regular ones all of them catalogued by the time and the day. It also helps to create the profile of a target customer, identify “dead zones” of a shopping space, study the work of marketing tools based on customers’ movements within the place of advertisements’ locations. The system gives detailed reports therefore the marketing strategy and the advertisement’s expenses are optimized quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of the system

  • Recognition of clients to the precision of 98%;
  • Connection to the already existing surveillance system is possible;
  • Fully-autonomous activity with no need for a operator;
  • Tamper resistance, vandalism and error protection;
  • The system is easily adjusted to various problems;
  • The prize is ten times lower than of any alternative.