Visitors counter

Visitors counting based on video analytics

Video analytics is presented by the technology designed for biometrical analysis of an audience. This technology allows keeping detailed records on the general number of visitors over a particular period of time catalogued by the time and the day. It also helps to create a target audience profile to improve marketing campaign. A good thing about a visitor videocounter is the opportunity to use already existing surveillance cameras and to complete it with software unit. This system will cost you at least ten times cheaper than the alternatives.

Opportunities of the visitor video counter

  • Recognition of every single face that falls within a camera view and the automatic visitor counting based on video analytics;
  • Biometrical analysis and classification of visitors by sex, age and ethnicity;
  • Creation of the client database for further recognition (repetitive recognitions as well) and spotting out undesirable persons previously noticed of committing wrong acts;
  • Generation of detailed reports on general number of visitors and the percentage  of unique and returning clients;
  • Analysis of the amount of adult clients standing in a line or shopping space so as to make up the best possible timetable for cashiers and other staff;
  • And many other tasks to minimize expenses and supplies, improve staff working hours and technical arrangements.

Benefits of the visitor counting system

  • Recognition of clients is to the precision of 98%;
  • Face recognition against the attempt to hide it;
  • Vandalism and the system failure protection;
  • Integrated automation ( The system does not need a service operator);
  • Available price and the integration capability with other systems.