Visitors counter

What the visitors counting system is

The visitors counting system is software based solution to record the amount of visitors in certain places with the use of cameras and software on the principle of “computer vision” enabled to recognize faces and identify every visitor on the principle of “computer vision”. One of the main functions of this system is the calculation and record of the number of unique visitors cataloged by the time of day and the day of week. It allows using staff work resources properly, improving employees’ timetable, minimizing the expenses for the advertising, maintenance and product purchase.

How the visitors counting system works

Technology of “computer vision” uses all the available surveillance cameras at entrances and exits and automatically carries out the biometrical analysis of every person who falls within camera objective view. The software unit reads the age, sex and ethnicity and catalogues them so not to mark them as a “new comer” next time. The counting program keeps records of the total amount of visitors at the meantime. As a result, the unit simultaneously gathers the data on everyday number of new visitors and keeps general statistics of attendance, therefore gives full information on the customer traffic to the owners.

Opportunities of the customer traffic analysis system

  • Recognition of clients is to the precision of 98%;
  • Automatic analysis and generation of reports;
  • Vandalism protection (data reset, power shutdown etc.);
  • Adjustability of the system for various problem solution;
  • Warning about potentially hazardous situations and undesirable visitors previously noticed of committing wrong acts.