Opportunities of the contemporary video analytics

Biometrical video analytics drawn from face recognition technology allows recognizing people by their sex, age and ethnicity. The system is also capable of saving personal profiles what, in its turn, lets you keep records of customers and make out “repetitive goers” and “new comers”. It also makes it possible to classify customers into the lists and even scan the customer flow and identify people who got into the blacklist due to their numerous misdemeanors.

The process of face recognition

The “Smart” system while identifying a face in picture follows the predesigned algorithm. It automatically chooses the best photo-opportunity for further records and identification processes an image and saves it in database for later registering and using it in a stream of people to identify a face. At this point, the recognition accuracy of a face appearing in database estimates 99%. A camera will even notice a person trying to cover his or her face or turning away.

Yet more advantages of video analytics

  • Already existing cameras are suitable for face recognition. The specialized program with set algorithm is only required to added;
  • Video analytics is adjusted to various scenarios like warning about dangerous situations;
  • It has a wide view angle of the algorithm which means that a camera analyses a face during the turn of 90 degrees across and 30 degrees down;
  • It creates precise target audience profile in real time mode;
  • It is able to specify and range events according to their importance;
  • The forecasting of situations based on the acquired experience (like the predicting of long lines at cash desk.)