Software for video analytics

As practice shows, human sense of sight is unable to fully grasp all the information, predict situations and simultaneously analyze and memorize hundreds of objects. A computer is able to do it, though! The system of computer vision can see, register and memorize hundreds of faces, keep records of them, gather statistics and recognize every person in the traffic whose face happened to be in database. Programs of video analytics replace human sense of sight where it is necessary to register every single person.  

How Software for video analytics works

The system with the software is connected to surveillance cameras. During the recording of a video it reads off biometrical indicators (sex, age and ethnicity), considers the total amount and puts each of them into database. Next time the person who has already been noticed by a camera is regarded as a “repetitive goer” and is not registered again. This is the way the system collects unique data about every person who enters a room and gather statistics on the volume of the customer traffic taking into account the time of a day and the day of week.

What else “computer vision” can do

Video analytics programs can also form “blacklists” for those who committed an offence of any sort, analyze the human behavior (their attention to advertising objects, shop counters, certain room zones) and even warn about potentially hazardous situations. And all of that is based only on human behavior!

Consequently, the software for video analytics has a chance to replace whole security agencies and help to minimize personnel, advertisements’ and procurement’s costs.