What the video analytics is

Video analytics is a modern technology based on a principle of “computer vision”. The technology allows using cameras to acquire analytical data in automatic mode. The software component analyses everything what the camera observes and generates detailed and structured reports according to the given algorithm. Analytical systems are used successfully for locating and tracking objects and predicting their behavior. For instance, video analytics in retail helps to calculate the number of unique shop visitors, keep attendance records, predict the amount of clients at the certain period of time, reveal mala fide purchasers previously noticed of rule violations and inform the security about them.

What other functions the video analytics can carry out

The system of video analytics is able to:

  • Discern license plate numbers of cars;
  • Monitor the relocations and reveal the trespassing;
  • Detect potential hazardous situations ( congestions, derelicts, flame formations);
  • Recognize faces through biometrical indicators ( sex, age, ethnicity) and add them to the database;
  • Watch over the staff activity, their clock-in time and break duration;
  • Discriminate a theft;

The benefits of systems of “computer vision”

  • Automatic audience analysis with the help of a camera and neuron network;
  • The prize of the analytical system is at least ten times smaller than alternative sources have;
  • The system is calibrated for non-routine task solutions;
  • Any existing cameras are suitable.